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Rock Tracks
Style: Year: 2020 time: 3'47"info

Thunderous drums and burning guitar chords introduce this powerful, rocking track that reminds us of the eighties but with a modern twist. The main theme features a catchy synt melody to keep the mood muscular but still positive and fun.
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Picture This
Style: Year: 2020 time: 2'58"info

Let's travel back in time to the roaring eighties with this happy, positive rocking track and its lush, sleek arrangement of multi layered electric guitars, driving bass and simple, powerful drums. Compulsory guitar solo inside.
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Fancy That
Style: Year: 2020 time: 3'17"info

A simple drum loop and clean electric guitars open this Pop Rock track creating a subtle feeling of melancholy and nostalgia. Intensity grows and explode in the chorus with distorted guitars and a full band sound that add energy and tension to the recipe.
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Style: Year: 2020 time: 3'06"info

Fast and happy rock track that starts with a memorable drum groove and bass line soon joined by electrifying guitar riffs that take us back to the seventies and early 2000's Alt Rock. Three minutes of fun and excitement and the feeling of a real band.
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A Rainy Day
Style: Year: 2019 time: 2'55"info

An Alt Rock track that conveys feelings of melancholy and sadness but also energy and determination, time for regrouping not for surrender. Starting with an intense Guitar arpeggio and going directly to a full blast, full band theme, the track then goes through quieter sections, exploring different degrees of these emotions.
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Forward Momentum
Style: Year: 2019 time: 2'29"info

An emotionally positive pop/rock cue that conveys a clear, optimistic mood. Starting with a soft, organic guitar driven theme, the track builds and evolves as it progresses adding layers of instrumentation till the full blown finale.
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Victory Day
Style: Year: 2018 time: 3'31"info

A sense of anticipation, the day of the big Event. A guitar riff sets the stage and then the whole band gets in on this energetic, positive rock tune: relentless electric guitars over a bombastic dance groove.
Youtube Video
Brand New Way
Style: Year: 2013 time: 3'12"info

Acoustic guitars strum a short intro before this track explodes in a powerful Alt Rock anthem with a simple but memorable melody carried by electric guitars and male voices. Wall of Sound choruses contrast with a softer verse and bridge that build up to the climax once again. A feeling of melancholy pervades the whole track.
Youtube Video
Hot Wheels
Style: Year: 2012 time: 3'20"info

A driving synth bass line and guitar stabs build the tension till the track explodes in a full rocker driven by straight, powerful drums and steaming guitars. A wailing slide guitar line keeps the tension high while the tracks moves through different dynamic levels. A touch of 80's mainstream rock but still a very contemporary sound. Think speed, highways and smoking tyre tracks...
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W8ter Boi
Style: Year: 2012 time: 3'00"info

Lighthearted and energetic rock tune with a catchy chorus driven by a simple, effective guitar line. Dynamic shifts in the verse and bridges plus a guitar solo keep the tension high throughout the track. Ideal for teen oriented material and also for sports and comedy.
Youtube Video
Here You Are
Style: Year: 2010 time: 3'48"info

A long lost friend or lover is found again, a feeling of new happiness is defined by a simple, catchy guitar intro. The full band comes in and supports the melody with a solid but elegant assortment of acoustic and electric guitars. Variations on the intro with fx and loops follow the guitar solo.
Youtube Video
Wet Dog
Style: Year: 2009 time: 3'31"info

Cross a white whale with a black dog, add bombastic drums, killer guitar riffs, garnish with 30 seconds of theremin laced, psychedelic atmospheres and top it with a searing Les Paul solo: that's the recipe for the perfect Led Zeppelin pastiche. Warning: it's LOUD!
Youtube Video
No Ordinary Day
Style: Year: 2010 time: 3'54"info

Even on an ordinary, rainy day there's hope for a bright, sunny tomorrow. This soft rock track sets the mood going from a slightly melancholic intro and verses to an energetic, uplifting chorus. Electric guitars and piano weave delicate and positive melodies upon a bed of acoustic guitars.
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Fooling Around Again
Style: Year: 2009 time: 3'37"info

An uplifting, energetic acoustic guitar riff opens this happy pop/rock track.The whole band soon joins in and subtle Hammond and Choir textures lend a Gospel touch to the song. A beautiful atmospheric guitar solo completes the tune.
Youtube Video
Supercritical Supercilious
Style: Year: 2009 time: 3'22"info

Happy, bouncy, powerful, fun rocker with a 70s feel. Enter an R.E.M. phase while awake with its catchy guitar riff, powerful drums and dynamic bassline. Softer verses and a searing gtr solo complete this amazing song.
Youtube Video
The Pixieman Cometh
Style: Year: 2009 time: 3'20"info

A happy, lighthearted song that take us back to the atmosphere of early 90s Alt Rock. Driven by a clean gtr riff over a tapesstry of acoustic and electric guitars, energetic drums and a pulsating bass, complete with a doble guitar solo.
Youtube Video
I Kissed a Rock Star
Style: Year: 2009 time: 2'52"info

70s Kiss meet Oasis in this uplifting, powerful, happy track driven by a lead guitar riff with a bluesy feeling. Full song edit with guitar solo.
Youtube Video
Some Day
Style: Year: 2009 time: 3'52"info

Positive feelings, hope and warmth fill this soft, alternative rock track driven by a simple guitar riff and a catchy melody. Delicate keyboards and acoustic guitars complete the atmosphere.
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Jump in the 80s
Style: Year: 2008 time: 3'22"info

Van Halen meets Huey Lewis in this uptempo, happy, Keyboard driven track that takes us back to the roaring 80s. Don't forget your shoulder pads. Compulsory tapping guitar solo inside...
Youtube Video
Tomorrow Never Lies
Style: Year: 2007 time: 3'00"info

Take a trip back in time to the Psychedelic 60's when the Beatles experimented with oriental atmospheres. Vintage guitars, Sitar and Drums are prominent in this uplifting tune and a reverse guitar solo graces the second verse.
Youtube Video
Frat Party
Style: Year: 2007 time: 2'20"info

The party is in full swing and the band is playing just the right kind of energetic, happy Rock tune that could keep you dancing all nite long. Powerful guitars and bombastic drums drive this Green Day inspired track.
Youtube Video
Have a Pink Day
Style: Year: 2007 time: 3'25"info

Bon Jovi meet Pink on a dangerous night in town. A energetic, edgy rocker where vintage and modern guitar textures combine and climax in a searing solo after the secod chorus.
Youtube Video
Style: Year: 2007 time: 2'35"info

Power chords and drum rolls introduce this energetic, happy rock track, propelled by a driving guitar and bass riff. Key changes increase the tension and short bass and drums break and a final riff with added lead guitar theme complete this 2'30" version.
Youtube Video
Ozzie's Girl
Style: Year: 2006 time: 3'23"info

Contemporary Rock tune with an optimistic, energetic Chorus and softer verses. Features a catchy guitar line, a sizzling guitar solo and a bombastic end. Perfect for a teen Sitcom.
Youtube Video
Racing in D
Style: Year: 2006 time: 3' 02"info

A 3 voice harmony guitar melody drives this bouncy, happy instrumental. The middle section blistering guitar solo darkens the atmosphere a bit. Overall, reminds me of Steves (Vai, Hackett, Morse.....) - 13" Loop.(x3)
Youtube Video
Dances with Peppers
Style: Year: 2006 time: 3'20"info

Tom Petty meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers in this Southern Rock track featuring 12 string electric guitars, a softer chorus and a scorching guitar solo.
Youtube Video
I Still Remember
Style: Year: 2006 time: 3'25"info

Floating above an ethnic percussion groove a simple and somewhat nostalgic piano melody takes us back to that long lost love or that faraway place. Drums and guitars slowly build a climax and then the song end as quietly as it begun.
Youtube Video
Lawyers in Love
Style: Year: 2006 time: 1'29"info

A light Rock tune with an optimistic mood with electric and acoustic guitars.
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Alternate cuts, versions and stems are available for most of the tracks.

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