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Metal Tracks
Cut to the Chase
Style: Year: 2020 time: 3'14"info

A highly energetic rock track that conveys a sense of tension, danger and speed: limits are tested, all bets are off. Featuring a short atmospheric intro, the song goes through some dynamic changes, moments of anticipation and furious release.
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Disturbed Skater
Style: Year: 2007 time: 3'12"info

OMG, the look on this skater's face means he's reallly trying to perform this suicidal stunt. The music reflects the mental state of the kid: dark, menacing metal, killer guitar riffs and sinister synth melodies. After a softer verse the track explodes into a powerful chorus. Recommeded for extreme Sports.
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Base Jumper
Style: Year: 2007 time: 2'30"info

Jumping, flying, racing, falling, gliding: feel the adrenaline rush in this energtic rocker driven by big guitars, with subtle synts and grooves on the side. The perfect score for a fast paced Extreme Sports montage.
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Style: Year: 2007 time: 3'04"info

Something is coming your way, you can feel the tension in the air. And then it comes into view and its travelling fast, leaving a trail of dust behind. A Powerful rocker with an edgy intro and a killer guitar riff. The guitar melody lends it a positive feeling of speed and power.
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Army of Ghee
Style: Year: 2008 time: 2'30"info

Floating over a hard and hypnotic Guitar and synt riff, eerie melodies create a tense, foreboding atmosphere. After a small rest, the Army marches again towards a crescendo finale.
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Alien Matrix
Style: Year: 2006 time: 2'18"info

A cross betweem Metal and Electronica. Builds up from an eerie intro to a full blasting rocker. For that Alien invasion flick or that extreme sports promo
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Alternate cuts, versions and stems are available for most of the tracks.

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