Horseback -Track Info

Track Name: Horseback

Artist: Michele Vanni

Composer: Michele Vanni (SIAE) Year: 2007

Publisher: No Tape Records (SIAE)

Produced & Performed by: Michele Vanni

Music Genre: Acoustic Rock - InstrumentalBPM: 128 Length: 3'30''

A wild ride across a beautiful, changing landscape: this horse can take you anywhere your heart desires. Gliding on a lush field of Acoustic gtrs, simple, delicate Electric and slide melodies paint pictures of energy and peace. Positive tension builds up and explodes at the end of the 2nd chorus.

Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Roots, Folk, Country, Matthews, Americana,

Guitar (Acoustic), Drum Kit, Bass (Electric), Guitar (Electric), Percussion, Guitar (Slide), Strings, Synthesizer, Tambourine

Good, Happy, Joyful, Lively, Peaceful, Serene, Uplifting, Hopeful, Carefree, Heartwarming, Celebratory, Beautiful, Cheerful, Warm, Emotional, Inspiring, Graceful, Delicate

Ballad, Fairy Tales, Fashion Show, Infomercial, Nature, Thirtysomething, Travel Channel, Western, Sidewalk Caf???, Cultural, Phone on-hold, Restaurant, Corporate, TV / instrumental, Film / instrumental