Hot Wheels -Track Info

Track Name: Hot Wheels

Artist: Michele Vanni

Composer: Michele Vanni (SIAE) Year: 2012

Publisher: No Tape Records (SIAE)

Produced & Performed by: Michele Vanni

Music Genre: Rock - InstrumentalBPM: 125 Length: 3'20''

A driving synth bass line and guitar stabs build the tension till the track explodes in a full rocker driven by straight, powerful drums and steaming guitars. A wailing slide guitar line keeps the tension high while the tracks moves through different dynamic levels. A touch of 80's mainstream rock but still a very contemporary sound. Think speed, highways and smoking tyre tracks...

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Drum Kit, Drums, Electric Guitar, Organ (Electronic), Guitar (Steel), Guitar (Slide), Synthesizer, Big Toms, Sytnth Bass

Aggressive, Bouncy, Dark, Determined, Hard, Driving, Dangerous, Excited, Tension, Edgy, Energetic, Heavy, Powerful, Hot, Dynamic, Loud, Menacing, Gutsy, Restless, Raw

Chase Scene, 1980s (Eighties), Video Games, TV Instrumental, Film Instrumental, Sports / Extreme, Rock & Roll, 2010s (MMX), Action Thriller, Road Trip