Victory Day -Track Info

Track Name: Victory Day

Artist: Michele Vanni

Composer: Michele Vanni (SIAE) Year: 2018

Publisher: No Tape Records (SIAE)

Produced & Performed by: Michele Vanni

Music Genre: Rock - InstrumentalBPM: 132 Length: 3'31''

A sense of anticipation, the day of the big Event. A guitar riff sets the stage and then the whole band gets in on this energetic, positive rock tune: relentless electric guitars over a bombastic dance groove.

sports, energetic, positive, arena, soccer, football, game ,

Drum Kit, Drum Machine, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer

Determined, Energetic, Excited, Lively, Powerful, Triumphant, Vibrant

2010s (MMX), Commercial / Promo, Entertainment, Infomercial, Section / Opening, Sports / Competition, Sports / Extreme, TV Instrumental