Mournful Regrets -Track Info

Track Name: Mournful Regrets

Artist: Michele Vanni

Composer: Michele Vanni (SIAE) Year: 2020

Publisher: No Tape Records (SIAE)

Produced & Performed by: Michele Vanni

Music Genre: Tension - InstrumentalBPM: 90 Length: 2'32''

Minimal percussion, an eerie electric piano, pads and distant voices, all help build an atmosphere of sadness, melancholy and regret. Soft and delicate with a few harsh elements that keep a subtle tension... Thinking of what could have been, a life wasted, light rain falling on the pavement.

Sadness, melancholy, regret, remorse, sorrow, dismay, unhappiness, mourning, grief, Investigative, Tension, ,

Computer, Drum Machine, Electric Guitar, Electic Piano, Piano, Sampler, Mezzo Soprano Voice

Apprehensive, Cold, Dark, Determined, Dramatic, Edgy, Haunting, Hypnotic, Inquisitive, Intense, Mysterious, Ominous, Pensive, Purposeful, Questioning, Reflective, Serious, Suspenseful, Tension, Thinking

2010s (MMX), Action Thriller, Drama / Mature, Film Instrumental, Film Noir, Mystery, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Sci-Fi / Psychological, TV Instrumental, Video Games