Creatures from the Abyss -Track Info

Track Name: Creatures from the Abyss

Artist: Michele Vanni

Composer: Michele Vanni (SIAE) Year: 2020

Publisher: No Tape Records (SIAE)

Produced & Performed by: Michele Vanni

Music Genre: Drone/Soundscape - InstrumentalBPM: 90 Length: 2'43''

Low drones and a pulsating, elusive synt take us to an alien landscape where strange sounds and distant wails suggest the presence of mysterious creatures. This track keeps evolving and is perfect for any tense, spooky situation be it Sci-fi or Drama.

edgy, anxious, disturbed, strained, apprehensive, upset, nail-biting, drone,

Computer, Drum Machine, Synthesizer, Electronics, Bass Guitar, Keyboard

Apprehensive, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dangerous, Dark, Disturbing, Dramatic, Edgy, Haunting, Hypnotic, Inquisitive, Intense, Mysterious, Ominous, Pensive, Questioning, Scary, Sinister, Suspenseful, Unfriendly

2010s (MMX), Action Thriller, Drama / Mature, Film Instrumental, Horror / General, Mystery, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, TV Instrumental, Video Games