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Between 2008 and 2009 I worked with the Composer Collective on a few movie soundtracks. As the name suggests, multiple composers worked on the same cue and the directors chose the versions they liked best and so, many tracks ended on the cutting floor. Being one of the few guitarists on the collective gave me the opportunity to add real guitars to other composers' cues. Not many of the tracks I did ended on the final version of the movies but it sure was a good way to learn how to score, with feedback from real professionals.


The Scarf - 'The Timeline' scene
Chamaco - 'Abner sulks'
Eyeborgs - 'Gman Attack' v.1
Eyeborgs - 'Gman Attack' v.2
Eyeborgs - 'Conclusion'
The Intruders - 'Jessie is afraid'
The Intruders - 'Final scene'

Chamaco - 'Abner sulks'

A Mexican/American production about a boy who wants to become a boxer, starring Martin Sheen. I didn't compose any cue but I added classical guitars to most of the tracks. A very moving movie and soundtrack. This is a production premix.
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