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Night Skies
Style: AtmosphericYear: 2020 time: 3'23"info

A delicate piano melody over soft synt pads and sparse, light percussion punctuated by a low, distant drum convey the illusion of being in a field, far from city lights on a warm, starry late spring night. A perfect track to ease the mind, for relaxing and meditation
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Cut to the Chase
Style: MetalYear: 2020 time: 3'14"info

A highly energetic rock track that conveys a sense of tension, danger and speed: limits are tested, all bets are off. Featuring a short atmospheric intro, the song goes through some dynamic changes, moments of anticipation and furious release.
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Style: RockYear: 2020 time: 3'47"info

Thunderous drums and burning guitar chords introduce this powerful, rocking track that reminds us of the eighties but with a modern twist. The main theme features a catchy synt melody to keep the mood muscular but still positive and fun.
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Picture This
Style: RockYear: 2020 time: 2'58"info

Let's travel back in time to the roaring eighties with this happy, positive rocking track and its lush, sleek arrangement of multi layered electric guitars, driving bass and simple, powerful drums. Compulsory guitar solo inside.
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Perfect Day
Style: Acoustic RockYear: 2020 time: 3'07"info

Though this happy, positive track is introduced by a bouncy ukulele riff, Mbiras and a pulsating tom based groove add a little bit of an African, ethnic feel to the festive atmosphere. The whole band soon joins in adding acoustic and electric guitars to the main theme.
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Fancy That
Style: RockYear: 2020 time: 3'17"info

A simple drum loop and clean electric guitars open this Pop Rock track creating a subtle feeling of melancholy and nostalgia. Intensity grows and explode in the chorus with distorted guitars and a full band sound that add energy and tension to the recipe.
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A Bright Tomorrow
Style: Acoustic RockYear: 2020 time: 3'29"info

A simple, effective melody is first stated by acoustic guitars in a short, airy intro and then is played by the whole band to start this positive, elegant pop rock track that relies on acoustic arpeggios and electric riffs to carry the song from one chorus to the next.
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Dream Catcher
Style: AtmosphericYear: 2020 time: 2'39"info

A delicate, ethereal piano melody soars above spacey string pads, sparse percussion and distant Taiko drums. The track slowly evolves introducing subtle electronic and organic grooves, a synt bass and a bridge before going back to the last chorus.
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Water Gardens
Style: Acoustic RockYear: 2020 time: 3'03"info

Delicate acoustic guitar harmonics and light percussion take us to a secret place where flowers bloom and water runs in small streams. The track slowly grows helped by pleasant arpeggios and discreet keyboards and finally even tactful drums take center stage.
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Style: RockYear: 2020 time: 3'06"info

Fast and happy rock track that starts with a memorable drum groove and bass line soon joined by electrifying guitar riffs that take us back to the seventies and early 2000's Alt Rock. Three minutes of fun and excitement and the feeling of a real band.
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I Will
Style: PopYear: 2020 time: 3'27"info

A happy, uplifting Ukulele riff opens this lively, positive track and is soon joined by a simple piano melody over a bed of claps and snaps. Percussion, bass and more instruments help build the song up to the last chorus played by the whole band. A few strategic stops are perfect as edit points.
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On Edge
Style: TensionYear: 2020 time: 2'49"info

Electronic percussion and eerie electric piano melodies generate an atmosphere of tension and suspense. The mystery thickens and new sound layers are added in a dramatic, hypnotic crescendo with a few stops, perfect for edit points.
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Style: TensionYear: 2020 time: 2'28"info

A pulsating synt and eerie melodies create an haunting, suspenseful atmosphere soon joined by a synt bass and an electric guitar ostinato. Electronic and Acoustic drums and percussion help build a crescendo and reinforce the feeling of purposeful, unstoppable resolution.
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Creatures from the Abyss
Style: Drone/SoundscapeYear: 2020 time: 2'43"info

Low drones and a pulsating, elusive synt take us to an alien landscape where strange sounds and distant wails suggest the presence of mysterious creatures. This track keeps evolving and is perfect for any tense, spooky situation be it Sci-fi or Drama.
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Style: TensionYear: 2020 time: 2'32"info

Hypnotic, suspenseful track employs minimal elements like pulsating synts, eerie, distant melodies and electronic percussion to build and grow in intensity, stops for a second and starts slowly growing again till the final boom.
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Bleak Aftermath
Style: Drone/SoundscapeYear: 2020 time: 2'36"info

Atonal, droning track conjuring an atmosphere of tension and desolation, barren landscapes and alien technology or a slow descent into a Maelstrom of madness.
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Mournful Regrets
Style: TensionYear: 2020 time: 2'32"info

Minimal percussion, an eerie electric piano, pads and distant voices, all help build an atmosphere of sadness, melancholy and regret. Soft and delicate with a few harsh elements that keep a subtle tension... Thinking of what could have been, a life wasted, light rain falling on the pavement.
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Creepy Hollow
Style: Drone/SoundscapeYear: 2020 time: 1'37"info

A low drone and subtle, eerie sounds and wails open a door on a crime in progress, a creepy flashback or a dangerous alien world. An edgy, hypnotic and haunting track that creates a lot of tension keeping a fairly constant intensity.
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Frozen Desolation
Style: Drone/SoundscapeYear: 2020 time: 2'56"info

A low atonal drone and strange, alien and machinery noises transport us to the frozen, barren face of this deserted world, maybe sterilized by a nuclear war or some cosmic cataclysm. What dangers lurk among the ancient ruins of this destroyed civilization? Any sign of life?
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Next in Line
Style: TensionYear: 2019 time: 2'26"info

A low drone and electronic percussion create an atmosphere of tension and expectation that builds to a release marked by an eerie fractured piano melody
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Steps Ahead
Style: PopYear: 2019 time: 2'49"info

An airy acoustic guitar arpeggio opens this optimistic, lighthearted track, soon joined by drums and a simple, assertive piano melody. More guitars, keyboards and strings join in as the track builds up, repeating the main themes with more and more energy.
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Piano Drops
Style: AtmosphericYear: 2019 time: 2'56"info

A cinematic piano track that conveys feelings of melancholy but also serenity and positivity, a smile after some tears. Delays and faraway strings and pads add to the atmosphere created by the piano slightly muted and distant sound and grow throughout the track.
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A Rainy Day
Style: RockYear: 2019 time: 2'55"info

An Alt Rock track that conveys feelings of melancholy and sadness but also energy and determination, time for regrouping not for surrender. Starting with an intense Guitar arpeggio and going directly to a full blast, full band theme, the track then goes through quieter sections, exploring different degrees of these emotions.
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Forward Momentum
Style: RockYear: 2019 time: 2'29"info

An emotionally positive pop/rock cue that conveys a clear, optimistic mood. Starting with a soft, organic guitar driven theme, the track builds and evolves as it progresses adding layers of instrumentation till the full blown finale.
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Victory Day
Style: RockYear: 2018 time: 3'31"info

A sense of anticipation, the day of the big Event. A guitar riff sets the stage and then the whole band gets in on this energetic, positive rock tune: relentless electric guitars over a bombastic dance groove.
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Alternate cuts, versions and stems are available for most of the tracks.

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