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My name is Michele Vanni and I was born in Bologna, Italy in 1961.
I started playing guitar at 10 and a couple years later I was playing bass with a band. I soon developed an interest in keyboards and drums and became proficient on both. In 1977 I switched to guitar as my main instrument and begun experimenting with home recording.
In the early 80's I started working as a sound engineer in small to mid sized studios and produced quite a few demos for local bands (including mine).
I worked in the Jingle/Commercial industry from 1990 to 2001 both in my home town and in Milan and I wrote, arranged and performed more than 500 jingles including works for Radio Rai (Italian National Radio, equivalent to the BBC) and major radio networks (Radio Monte Carlo, Radio 105).

From 1996 to 2002 I also toured and did studio work with Luca Carboni, one of the most successful Italian singer-songwriter, playing guitars, keyboards and doing computer programming.
I recently begun to work again with producer extraordinaire Celso Valli and played guitar on a few very successful albums by some of the biggest artists in Italy like Gianni Morandi, Adriano Celentano and Laura Pausini:the spanish version of her latest cd ‘Escucha’ just won a Grammy as ‘Best Latin Album’ .
I worked briefly in the Dance industry and did a small tour of Japan as a singer in 1995.

In the early nineties I toured and recorded with Clara and the Black Cars, a rock band produced by Guido Elmi (Vasco Rossi) but unfortunately their third album (that I contributed a lot to) was never released.
Leds, Crudelia, Intensive Care, Crying Steel were some of the local bands I was in in the last 30 years…

I also recorded and performed with ‘Domino’, a Genesis tribute band that has received worldwide praise and recently released their first live DVD, in which I also sing lead vocals (I also edited, produced and engineered the whole thing).

In 2006 I started playing the flute and begun writing Royalty Free Music and more Jingles.

In 2010 I collaborated on two independent film scores ('The Kid - Chamaco' and 'The Scarf').

In 2011 I 'recreated' about 70 Beatles tracks for an Italian/English language course on DVD (Music for my English).

In 2013 and 2014 I composed and produced tracks for 2 more English courses for 'Pearsons Education'.

In 2013 I also started producing hi quality Karaoke tracks for 'Karaoke Version'.

In the studio I work with Cubase (Logic and Pro Tools if needed), loads of virtual instruments, lots of guitars and a Roland TD6 drum kit that allows me to play very realistic drum tracks…

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