In 1989 I begun working at CLIP Studios as a sound engineer, recording voice overs, commercials and slicing and pasting miles of tape. One day the owner asked me to try and write music for a jingle and he quite liked what I did so I did more and more. When I moved to Monza to live with my girlfriend in 1993, she introduced me to Clay at Zerodibi in Milan and I worked for them till 2001. I used to write and record the tracks in our living room studio and bring them to the studio where they woul add vocals and fx. When I moved back to Bologna in 1995, the trip to the studio became a hundred miles longer........... I think I recorded more than 500 between local, network and national jingles and commercials.........
Jingles for the most sophisticated Network in Italy. These are interesting 'cos they're quite long and atmospheric jingles, with lots of real guitars and bass. Recorded in my studio in Bologna except for vocals. I especially like the Montecarlo Night series. Though they were mainly aired from 1999 to 2001, I can still hear a few from time to time when I tune in.
Jingles for italian National radio channels. On the air from 1996 to 2000. It's funny, but my most succesful jingles were done in a corner of my sitting room with an Atari, a Roland D-70, an Akai 2800 sampler and a couple more expanders. The quality was quite good, though.
I did those for a local radio and my first hard disk recording system in 1997. Though the sound quality is not great, I had the freedom to experiment with many different and unusual styles. They also were the only jingles I produced all by myself, vocals sessions included.
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